12:41 AM
The membership is free and is for blog authors only. You are not allowed to sign up with someone else blog and/or with sites that are not blogs.
You are not allowed to use bad language in your site title or description. Blogs that do this will be warned, changed and/or even removed from the database without any warnings. Don't use capitals in the wrong way and don't use other characters to try to get more attention in the list. Your blog must be placed in a category that fits the subject of your blog. Blogs that don't follow this will be moved and deranked (score set to zero). You are also not allowed to use computer bots to get a better score. Blogs that use cheats will find them them self permanent banned from the Bestwayinfou.
You are not allowed to sign up if your blog contains information that is illegal and not accepted by the laws of United States of America or Sweden.
We are not allowing blogs that has mainly pornographic content. Blogs like that will be removed and banned from the directory.
bestwayinfou.blogspot.com has the rights to change, delete and ban your blog from our bestwayinfou if we find it necessary to keep the quality of the directory.
The information about your account will not be given out to a third party and is hidden in our database. No spam will be sent to you by our cause.


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